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Friday, January 26, 2018

Russia seeks to regularize unauthorised consular building in Chennai

C Shivakumar @ Chennai:

Russian Consulate is seeking Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) approval to regularize its existing building which is built violating development regulations.

According to sources in CMDA, Russian Consulate General has approached CMDA to relax land use and development regulations for the existing building as well as building proposed to be constructed near the existing block in Santhome High Road.

It is learnt that a Committee of senior officers (CSO) had considered to relax development regulations for the existing building since it was in existence for a long time.

However, for the proposed construction which include additional blocks, parking canopies and swimming pool, CMDA has insisted that Russian Consul General complies with the development regulations under Second Master Plan.

CMDA sources said that existing building was built without adhering to setback norms.  Setback norms are usually a distance from road or street where the building is located. Sufficient setback or open space is essential to combat fire in the buildings. The existing Russian Consulate building has violated the setback norms. It also falls under the non assigned land use area.

Similarly, the proposed building falls under Primary Residential Use zone and Institutional Use zone. The proposed additional construction of indoor volleyball court and play ground falling in primary residential use zone is not permissible, CMDA sources said.

It is learnt that CMDA wants Russian Consul General to hand over 10pc of Open Space Reservation (OSR) area reserved within the site which abuts the public road free of cost through the registered gift deed as the site extent exceeds 10,000 square metres. OSR is applicable on urban land which is brought either through square feet, square metres and grounds.

“In this case, the land was purchased in grounds as such it falls under Urban land category,” sources told Express.  “We have sent in the proposal to the government on whether it wants to relax the norms and a decision in this regard is awaited,” sources added.

It is learnt that Russian Consul General has made a representation to CMDA in the month of November, however, the government has yet to decide on the request.

It is learnt that Russia is submitting development designs for the newly proposed construction done by Mstroy with the guidance and approval of Russian Federation government.


1. Russian Consul general office seeks approval for existing building which violates development regulations

2. CMDA agrees to relax the norms for existing building

3. The proposed new building violates land use plan and CMDA puts forth the request to state government

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