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Monday, December 10, 2012

TN preparing master plan to develop Marimalai Nagar-Thiruporur corridor

C Shivakumar
Tamil Nadu government has decided to develop 539 square kilometers of Marimalai Nagar-Thiruporur corridor and has asked Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority to prepare a detailed development plan.

CMDA sources told Express on Monday that a masterplan is being prepared by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority to develop the area.

CMDA sources said that the state government has issued a government order to take up the detailed development plan in the area, which has around 134 villages.

Interestingly, there won’t be any land acquisition and CMDA is studying the land use for each and every survey number, he said.

He said the focus is currently to prepare a detailed development plan for the area. The development would be done as per the existing structure and there will be no displacements. “We will be regulating the existing land, CMDA sources said.

He, however said there will be some changes in the land use pattern and the focus will be more on building infrastructure.

“The basic focus would be on road development, water supply and road infrastructure,” he said.

He said the entire project would take a minimum of three to four years. “The biggest issue is there are thousands of survey numbers besides we have to find the land use pattern in the area and also to get details about the exact owner of the land,” he said.

Interestingly, the plan to develop the area has been lying in doldrums and the state government has given a new lease of life to the project by asking CMDA to prepare a masterplan recently. Interestingly, the plan is also not to acquire or displace any people.


  1. What are the villages covered in the list?

  2. i saw a news on satellite city plan between vandalur and maraimalai nagar. Are you talking about the same story.

  3. First of all it is not vandalur and marimalai nagar. The area is too small. Secondly, if you have read it as Vandalur and Marimalai Nagar. You got ur facts wrong it is Marimalai Nagar- Thiruporur corridor which is worth 539 sq km. As regarding villages, I doubt I can fill in all the 134 villages in my blog. Do you think you will read it. However, I am very happy that you went through my blog and gave a feedback. Thanks

  4. Hi,

    The news item is useful . I am curious to know if the

    Perumattunallur Panchayat and Pandur Panchayat appear in the list. Your information will be useful for some actions from our end - either to stop or continue with some projects there.
    The above mentioned Panchayats lie on the Guduvancherry to Thiruporur Road .

    Many thanks in advace.


  5. Does kayarambedu and kalivanthapattu appear in the list, which lies near by perumattunallur and pandur?

    1. Dear friend, they have just startedafter they recieved the govt clearance last month. I will let you know soon whether these villages figure in the list or not.
      Warm regards

  6. Any more development proposed by govt t.nadu this area by pass road etc reg suresh

  7. Hi All,

    I have registration on 8th september 2013.

    property location: Kannivakkam village

    guduvanchery to thiruporur road.

    5.5 km from Gduvancheri GST road.

    Can i go for it ?

    is there any chance that government will acquire it ?

    kindly let me know .

  8. Land Details:
    Location: GST Road, Maraimalai Nagar, Chengalpet, Kanchipuram
    Total area: 3.68 acres

    • The above Land belongs to Mr. Abu Bakr, Mr. Shamsuddeen, Mr. Sadakathullah and Mrs. Fathima Nachi.
    • Mr. Abu Bakr and Mr. Shamsuddeen bought this land and fenced with compound wall in the year 1983.
    • In 1996, they with their three brothers planned to start a business in this land and got Approval from Maraimalai Nagar Panchayat.
    • The owners got a plan and approval from DTCP and registered with the company name "KONA PLASTICS AND MINERAL WATER PVT LTD".
    • And also Housing and Urban Development Department certified this land is not under any Development Scheme.
    • In 1997, some politicians were forcibly demanded this land for Pilkington company at very low price. The owners didn’t want to sell this land.
    • Within six months of this issue Pilkington Company bought the neighbor land of 10 cents and fenced the 4 Acres including this 3.68 acres.
    • From then onwards this land is occupied by Binamies of Politicians. The owners have fought for more than 16 years to recover their land.
    • No enquiry has been taken for their complaints even by the Anti Land grabbing cell.
    • The land occupiers having the forgery documents for this land. Even school student can identify those as forgery documents. That worst the document has prepared.
    • The occupier’s document says this land was acquired by CMDA in 1977 and they bought from CMDA.
    • But the occupiers registered this land after 30 to 35 years in between 2006 to 2011. There is no rule at all to keep the acquired land idle for 35 years. So, this land might be acquired and released and returned back to the original owner since it is not in use of the development purpose.
    • The surrounding lands are still with the original owner and some sold out legally.
    • There were 2 land acquisitions happened for the development plans in that particular area in Chengalpet by MMDA (later CMDA). The first one is happened in 1977 for Maraimalai nagar project [used land: before Ford company (from Chennai)]. The second one for TNHB in 1994 [used land : before akshaya metropolis apartments]
    • In between TNHB land and this PARTICULAR land there is a surrounding of hundreds of acres of private land, how come this PARTICULAR land alone not released by CMDA.
    • And CMDA having no proper records for this land. And in the Revenue record, more than 85 acres of the nearby land is given patta in the UNKNOWN name “Member Secretary, Maraimalai nagar, Chennai”.
    • The owners having original records of 80 years of this land (from 1936), the documents of nearby lands which were sold out by the original landlords themselves and the occupier’s forgery documents.

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