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Thursday, December 7, 2017

TN simplifies Green Clearance for buildings by integrating it in development regulations

Tamil Nadu government is set to amend Development Control Rules for urban development by making a provision to create a Environment Cell in Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority.

This would mean that a builder will no longer require to obtain environmental clearance from Tamil Nadu State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (TNSEIAA) as the compliance of environmental condition must be ensured by environment cell.

It is learnt that the state government held a key meeting on Tuesday to bring in changes to the development regulations where it will be a must get certification from environment cell if the built up area exceeds 5,000 square metres.

Sources said that the government will send in the amendments to the development regulations for the concurrence of Ministry of Environment and Forests and Climate Change for its concurrence after which it will be incorporated in development regulations.

Apart from introducing the new norms in development control rules, plans are also on to formulate Common Building Rules which is in advanced stage.

It is learnt that Tamil Nadu government has prepared a blueprint to frame ‘Tamil Nadu
Common building Rules, 2016’ for local bodies in accordance with the provisions of the Model Building by-laws.

The Common Building Rules for entire Tamil Nadu would mean that there won’t be different set of development rules for corporations,
municipalities, town panchayats and panchayats.

Once the new rule comes to force, a set of 60 development rules will govern the construction of building across the state. The new building
rules also have several new clauses like the need to get occupancy certificate and completion certificate.

This would speed the process of approvals and help strengthen Single Window Clearance. It will also help Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority planners to focus on planning rather than focussing on approval and enforcement which is degrading the authority and resulting in lot of legal issues.

This would help planners concentrate on area development and prepare a blueprint to develop expansion of Chennai Metropolitan Area.  
Sources indicated that the proposal is being sent to  Municipal Administration and Water Supply department and its approval is awaited

Similarly, issues relating to transferrable development rights and premium Floor space Index as well as special development regulation for promoting affordable housing was also discussed during the meeting.

1. TN to integrate environmental parameters as part of development regulations
2. This will put an end for separate environmental clearance from state environmental impact assessment authority
3. A separate environment cell will be created in Chennai Metropolitan development Authority which will ensure that environmental conditions are complied

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